Affordable Home Health Care in Fort Lauderdale, FL

During the decade of the ’90s, home health care was very popular, today it continues to gain acceptance as the preferred alternative to institutional care in the long term recovery and rehabilitation process. Physicians and professionals agree that recuperating in the home environment heightens emotional well-being and shortens the convalescence period.

Some of the Benefits of Home Health Care include:

  1. Peace of mind, knowing a parent or loved one has a caregiver assisting them with activities of daily living.
  2. Regular visits by a skilled nurse who manages, evaluates the individual care plan and forwards it to the patient’s doctor for approval.
  3. Patients recuperate faster in their own environment.
  4. Outpatient surgery has increased and hospital stays are much shorter.
  5. Patient’s family lacks time and training needed to care for their needs.
  6. Signs and symptoms of complications or declines are reported quickly to the doctor and family.